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Selected Paintings

Many of my paintings focus on a circle, disk, or sphere. This is the result of a search for a pictorial object that does not have an intrinsic meaning--a thing-that-is-not-a-thing. In ancient times the circle was regarded as the perfect shape, and I am inclined to agree. It has no beginning or end, it can have depth or not have depth, it can be a thing (a ball or the sun or moon) or it can be just a circle. It is ideal for my work because it allows you, the viewer of the work, to make up your own mind about what it is--or isn't.

[Note: Photos seldom reproduce paintings accurately, they tend to be lighter than the real thing and metalic paint, which I use frequently, tends to lose its richness in photographs. Note also: The prices are bogus because I own few of these paintings, having either sold them or given them to friends. I no longer do much painting; the experience of having to keep up with a regular series of shows when I was partner in a gallery was exhausting and painting wasn't fun anymore. I am on an extended vacation from doing it and include these so you can get an idea of what I do, when I do it.]

(Below) Insight, 24 x 18, Acrylic on board, SOLD.

The graceful curtains give a gauzy cover to the chatoic world behind. The style derives from Art Deco and the ball is the "thing-but-not-a-thing" motif that I have been exploring in my recent work.


(Below) WINTER SUN, 18 x 24, Acrylic on board, $800

The sun shines weakly through the cold winter air, the moisture refracting the light and rendering everything slightly indistinct. (Some metalic paint; painting is richer than photo.)


(Below) SPHERE #8, 24 x 22, Mixed media on board, $600.

The ball as "thing-but-not-a-thing" is seen as part shadow, part thing against a rough wall,



(Below) WORLD'S FAIR, 10 x 8, Acrylic on board, SOLD

Recalling the trademark sphere of the New York World's Fair.


(Below) OPUS IN C, 25 x 31, Acrylic on board with wood inlay, $800

The joy of beautiful, dramatic music.


(Below) PERSONA, 24 x 18, Acrylic on board, SOLD

The essence of being is held up for examination. (The painting is darker than the photo.)


(Below) TRANSITION, 18 x 24, Acrylic on board, SOLD

Passing through the dark and into the light brings renewal and clarity.


(Below) RUSHING TOWARD GRIDLOCK, 16 x 23, Acrylic on board, $350

A commentary on human evolution.



(Below) HOORAY FOR THE RED, WHITE, AND BLUE, 25 x 31, Acrylic on board, $800

Abstract of a waving flag, with wavy colors.


(Below) REVERIE, 16 x 12, Acrylic on board, SOLD

After her bath, a moment alone to reflect.


(Below) TOBIAS 2, 24 x 20, Enamel on board with metal and wood, $3,000.

This construction, and the one next to it, was inspired by the work of Robert Tobias, an exceptionally talented sculptor.


(Below) Red Cargo Five, 24 x 18, Acrylic on board, $800


(Below) UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES, 24 x 18, Mixed Media, $600.


(Below) LOVE AND REGRET, 20 x 16", Acrylic on board, $800


(Below) SONOITA CREEK AT SUNSET, 25 x 25", Acrylic on board, $800


(Below) PRICKLY HEAT, 20 x 16", Acrylic on board with wood, $800


(Below) RISK, 24 x 18, Acrylic on board, $800.

The ball is delicately balanced on the crossed wires. Will it fall or remain balanced? And, what will be the consequences of falling or staying? What lies below the edge of the picture? Are the pylons so tall that the falling ball will perish? 


(Below) DESERT SUNRISE, 24x18, Acrylic on board, $800

The first light of a new day strikes the lingering night-time coolness and illuminates the sky. (Some metalic paint; painting is richer than photo.)


(Below)MORNING SUN THROUGH MY BEDROOM WINDO, CIRCA 1961, 24 x 18, Acrylic on board, $800.

In the style of the 1960's, the sun is seen through the window (brown) which is surrounded by a curtain and a shadowed white wall. 


(Below) THE PASSING OF NIGHT INTO DAY, 24 x 10, Acrylic on board, $400

Dawn breaks and daylight reigns, and darkness follows in its wake.


(Below) THE BEGINNING OF TIME, 24 x 18, Acrylic on board, SOLD.

The moment of creation.


(Below) STRENGTH, 24 x 36,Acrylic on board with metal inlay, $800

The black and red resists the orderliness of the metal bars.


(Below) SUNLIT RAIN ,24 x 18, Acrylic on board, $800.

Sunlight through rain on my windshield defracts the colors of objects outside my car.


(Below) CONNECTION, 30 x 24, Acrylic on board, $800

Recalls the ever-increasing complexity of neuronal connections that give rise to the rich consciousness of everyday experience.


(Below) TOBIAS REVISITED 24 x 22, Enamel on board with metal and wood, $3,000.


(Below) ADAM'S REMORSE: ORIGIN OF MELANCHOLIA, 17 x 13, mixed media on board, SOLD.


(Below) FANDANGO, 36 x 24, Acrylic on board, SOLD


(Below) REEF, 9 x 18", Acrylic on board, $200


(Below) END OF TIME, 16 x 25", Acrylic on board, SOLD


(Below) RECONFIGURATION, Acrylic on board, 16 x 15", SOLD


(Below) ORB, 24 x 16", Acrylic and paper on board, $800


(Below) THE GOOD LIFE, 20 x 33", Acrylic on board with brass, $800


(Below) PROCESSION, 24 x 48, Acrylic on board, $1900
Inspired by a candlelit procession honoring the town's patron saint on a summer evening in Monterosaso, Italy